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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Birds In Flight Project

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by birds.  Since a young age, I have pursued an interest in these creatures learning as much as I can about them.  Along the way, I have met many people who share my interest and fascination.  Many are birders, people extremely interested in birds.  These people can often identify all of the birds in the region by sight and sound.  Although they are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about birds, there is one aspect of advanced birding that they often choose to ignore or set aside because they believe it is too difficult--identification of birds in flight.  Although many of these birders are fascinated by flight, they often overlook or ignore a small songbird flying above them.  

I understand their feeling, identifying a warbler zipping overhead can be difficult, but it is not always impossible.  I hope that through this blog, more people will become educated about identification birds in flight.

I would also like to mention that this blog will not only include information about seeing birds in flight, but also hearing them.  Many birds migrate at night when we cannot see them, therefore, we must use their flight calls.  These unique set of vocalizations will open any birder into a new realm of bird identification.

As a final note, I would like to say that I am still learning about this topic and that I am not an expert in fight identification.  So bear with me, and I hope that we can learn more about this intriguing topic together.

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